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5 Basic Maintenance Work Your Home Needs To Keep its Value

A well maintained home will usually preserve its value or even appreciate, but a home that has fallen into disrepair can lose 10% or more of its appraised value. Because of this, it is important to stay up to date on your home maintenance and take care of any necessary repairs. In some cases, staying on top of these home maintenance tasks can increase a home’s value by up to 1% per year, something that can really add up over time.

Basic Maintenance Task #1: Avoid slowly accumulating water damage.

Water damage can be one of the most devastating, quickly spreading issues that can impact your home. What starts out as a slow leak can quickly turn into rot, mold, or foundational damage. Pay attention to any leaks or trickles of water that appear after heavy rain. What may seem like a little water can quickly turn into a major problem. Be aware of water pooling near your home’s foundation as this can be a precursor to foundation damage.

Basic Maintenance Task #2: Keep your gutters clean.

On a similar note, one of the easiest ways to cut back on the amount of water pooling near your home is by making sure that any rainwater is directed away from your foundation. One of the most easiest ways to control this water flow is to make sure that your home’s gutters are draining properly. If they are backing up, it is likely that water is not flowing away from your house the way that it should be. Keep your gutters clean so that they can do their job and channel the water away from your walls, roof, and foundation.

Basic Maintenance Task #3: Remove the lint from your dryer vent.

This is an often overlooked maintenance task, but it can help to save electricity and prevent fires. Most people think to clean their dryer’s lint trap, but they do not consider the buildup of dust and lint that can accumulate in the dryer’s exterior vent. Cleaning this once per year can help to keep your dryer working better for longer.

Basic Maintenance Task #4: Check your home’s caulk.

As caulk ages, it can become cracked and brittle, allowing air and even water to seep past the seal. At best, this can increase your home’s heating and cooling costs. At worst, this can allow insects or water to enter your home. Pay particular attention to the caulk in and around your sinks, showers, and bathtubs. Checking your window seals and caulk lines regularly can help you spot and resolve problem areas as soon as they start to form.

Basic Maintenance Task #5: Change your furnace filters.

Experts recommend that you change your furnace filters once per year in order to keep your heating system operating safely and efficiently. Most homeowners choose to this during the fall since this is a great opportunity to give your whole furnace a once over and make sure that everything is clean and in working order.

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