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5 Things to Do in Bellaire, TX

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Looking for something to do in Bellaire, Texas? There are plenty! Bellaire is a growingcity thathas a variety of restaurants, parks, recreational facilities, and more. Here are 5 interesting things to do in Bellaire:

  1. Visit a nature center

    Get in touch with nature at the Nature Discovery Center on Newcastle Street. The center was founded by husband-and-wife team Hana and Arthur Ginzbarg, who saw potential in the 4-acre Henshaw Estate and raised funds to purchase it. Today, the center also includes the Russ Pitman Park, a massive park that boasts of four habitat zones, lush trees, diverse wildlife, and a serene atmosphere.

    The Nature Discovery Center also features Discovery Rooms, which are educational spaces that change their exhibits and displays every month. In the Discovery Rooms, you’ll find live animals, interactive and hands-on exhibits, and arts-and-crafts activities. If you’re looking for something to do on a weekday or weekend, you can also participate in their many events such as community yoga, Tree I.D. Walk, and Mud Day Celebration.

  2. Check out an exhibit

    There’s nothing more fascinating than the Telephone History Exhibit. Starting out from a basement in 1966, the Telephone History Exhibit has had several locations throughout the years before settling down on West Loop South. In this unique exhibit, you will find a wide collection of telephone artifacts dating back to the 1800s.

  3. Try new restaurants

    Bellaire is one of the best cities to be in if you’re looking for new restaurants and cuisines to try. The Costa Brava Bistro, a popular Spanish and French restaurant, will delight you with their duck confit on poached duck eggs, seared jumbo shrimp & sea scallop with caviar, and whole-herb roasted poussin.

    Looking for something more casual? Try Bernie’s Burger Bus. The restaurant specializes in hearty American food and serves hand-cut fries, juicy burgers, and creamy milkshakes. You’ll also find Mexican, Thai, Italian, and many more other cuisines.

  4. Hang out ata café

    Cafés provide the perfect venue to work, study, or meet with a friend. If you’re looking for a Bellaire café with great ambiance and great coffee, head to the Dandelion Café.Their latte, espresso, and iced coffee drinks are delicious and guaranteed to give you that needed energy boost. Aside from coffee, the Dandelion Café also serves filling sandwiches, paninis, and salads.

  5. Spend time at a park

    Parks are an amazing way to surround yourself with nature and breathe in the fresh air. The most popular parks in Bellaire are Evelyn’s Park Conservancy, the Gerald D. Hines Waterwall Park, and the Bellaire-Zindler Park.

    Evelyn’s Park Conservancy is a beautifully-designed 5-acre recreational area that features open spaces, playgrounds, a café, and various art installations. On Fridays, the park hosts a live music session from 7:00 p.m. onwards.

There’s so much to see and do in the wonderful city of Bellaire, Texas. Learn more about what Bellaire has to offer by getting in touch with the Hunter Real Estate Group at (713) 572-0824 or sending an email to trace(at)hunterrealestategroup(dotted)com.