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Buying and selling guide: Reasons why you should work with Hunter Real Estate Group

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With all the helpful information available online, many home buyers and sellers reassess the need to hire a real estate agent. Nowadays, it’s easy for them to wonder if it’s actually possible for them to do the work themselves. Why not use the Internet to buy or sell homes and use standard marketing and advertising platforms without representation?

Choosing to go this route is an option, and while some find success, there are many who do not. So just in case you’re on the fence, here are several reasons why you should work with a professional team of realtors like the Hunter Real Estate Group:

    Experience and expertise

    You can make an effort to find out all you can about buying and selling real estate, or you can work with a team that is already familiar with the different facets of the home buying and selling process.

    The Hunter Real Estate Group is a team with over 45 years of combined experience – this is a team that knows how to make the buying and selling process seamless for clients.

    Insider info on neighborhoods

    The Hunter Real Estate Group specializes in the Houston Inner Loop, the Galleria area, Texas Medical Center homes, Bellaire, and nearby communities in the Greater Houston suburban area. The team possesses insider knowledge in these areas, and can analyze comparable sales, give you information on schools and nearby amenities, and other key facts about the different neighborhoods.

    Market condition analysis

    The team at Hunter Real Estate Group will provide you with key information on current market conditions, which will help you make solid decisions in the buying and selling process.

    Market information will determine every step you take. From median and average sales prices, average cost per square foot of comparable homes, list-to-sold prices, and other important criteria will all play a significant role on what you decide to do. Hunter Real Estate Group is there to make sure you get relevant up-to-date information whenever you need it.

    Negotiation skills

    One of the main reasons why top producing agents are skilled in negotiating is because they can set aside emotional aspects of a transaction, unlike most buyers and sellers.

    Hunter Real Estate Group is a team of professionals well-versed at looking after their clients’ best interests at the negotiation table, while also keeping client information confidential against competing interests.

    Addressing questions after closing

    Many questions can suddenly pop up after closing, after the excitement has worn off. For example, you may need to deal with property tax assessments, or transfer tax and doc stamps may fall behind for months, mixing up invoices.

    A quick call to the Hunter Real Estate Group will help you avoid any confusion after closing. The team is ready to assist at all times, and won’t just leave their clients behind even after the transaction has concluded.

If you’re buying or selling a home in communities such as Bellaire, West University, Medical Center, or other surrounding areas, get in touch with the Hunter Real Estate Group at (713) 572-0824 or send an email to trace(at)hunterrealestategroup(dotted)com