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Choosing the right paint color for your home

Young couple choosing the right color for their wall while renovating apartment.

Selecting the right color of paint for your home’s interiors is an integral part of any home design project. In most cases, the color you use anchors the rest of the aesthetic choices you make.

Choosing the ideal shade however, isn’t exactly an easy task. With so many options available, it can be difficult to figure out where to start. In this article, we’ll show you some helpful tips on how to select the right paint color for your interiors. Remember to keep these in mind whenever your home needs a new coat of paint:

Buy textiles before you paint

Textiles are often considered the finishing aspect of a room’s design, so this might seem a bit unorthodox. However, this is also a great way to ensure the paint color you choose works seamlessly with the rest of the space.

When you choose which color to use before you buy textiles, you might limit yourself to only a specific set of fabric options that match your wall. On the other hand, if you use fabrics as a base for your color palette, it’s easier to find a shade of paint that will complement the product and will enhance the room’s appearance.

In addition, choosing textiles is an easier starting point, as you can just go with anything that catches your eye! Patterned varieties are terrific options, as they often use multiple shades, which you can use as a basis for the overall color scheme.

Base your choice on the room’s lighting

How a room is lit has a significant impact on its overall appearance. Specific light temperatures brings out different color undertones, which is why a room may look vastly different during the evening compared to what it looks like during the day.

That said, you need to choose a shade you’ll be happy with regardless of the time of day. You can test this yourself by asking for a few paint samples from your local home improvement store. Use the samples to paint small sections on each wall, and check on them throughout the day. Find a shade that looks good in both artificial and natural light.

Consider neighboring spaces

Spaces within a home need to feel cohesive. Many homeowners tend to forget this when designing their interiors, as they usually go for a distinct style and color scheme for each room.

The color of paint can serve as a unifying element for different spaces. When choosing a particular shade, be sure to consider how it can affect neighboring spaces. The combination of colors should work together in harmony, which is especially important when you have a home with an open floor plan.

Factor in the finish

Choosing the right paint isn’t just about the color. Be sure to also consider its finish, which can significantly affect how the final product will look like. You can choose a flat finish for a modern and sophisticated appearance, a satin finish for your home’s high traffic areas, a stain-resistant high-gloss finish for your kitchens and baths, and so on.

Ask your local home improvement store for recommendations on which type of finish works best for the room you’re planning to repaint.

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