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How Photos Affect Your Real Estate Listing


There are lots of surefire ways you can make your property stand out in an otherwise crowded listing.   You can create marketing strategies that highlight the best of the property, fancy design edits, catchy phrases and hooks, etc.

One of the best ways to grab a potential buyer’s attention is by taking a great photograph of the property and posting it online.


Why good property photos matter

There’s no better way to show a property’s best features than through eye- catching photos. They instantly communicate whatever it is you want buyers to know about your home.

Are you proud of your patio? Your photo can make it look inviting for viewers to want to picture themselves lounging there.

Is your kitchen state of the art? Stash away clutter so that the appliances and features that matter become the focal point.

Professional help

But what if you’d like to highlight your cathedral ceilings?  Or the fact that your pool area looks magical when lit up at night.Do you have theexperience or the savvy to capture them at their best?

Hiring a professional photographer – preferably one that focuses on real estate photography – is your fuss-free option.

As real estate photographer Erik Grammer told the Los Angeles Times,”A good photograph makes someone interested in seeing the property. A great photograph makes them feel like they’ve been there.”

Even more telling, 64 % of properties with high-quality photographs sell within the first 6 months of listing, compared to 46% of homes with photos taken using low-end digital cameras.

How the pros do it

Check online for professional photographers servicing your area. They can charge by the hour or by the day. Some offer additional staging services and photo editing.


Pros employ:

  • Wide-angle lens

They serve to make your property look a lot more spacious and give your photos more depth and detail. If you want to show your home’s high ceilings, this type of lens will be able to capture both the height and its relation to the rest of the room, for example.

  • Additional lighting

While the light is best early in the day or late in the afternoon, a pro will bring their light with them, usually manual flashes and use a editing software to perfect the image.

  • Visual flow

They will show the room in perspective, show off its best qualifies and gives viewers an idea of how one room flows to the next.

  • Pros give a full view

If you hire a professional real estate photographer to take both interior and exterior shots, they will take the full view of the property and its specific areas just as a buyer might want to see them – the façade of a house in relation to the street, the front yard, or the expanse of the property grounds, for example.   A swimming pool lit at night may be taken with the illuminated home in the background, or perhaps the city lights if the property sits on an overlook.