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Popular Home Design Trends in 2018

White Luxury Living Room

If you’re thinking about remodeling a few spaces in your home this year, now is a great time to start planning. In case you’re not quite sure where to start, here are some of the home design trends that are making waves this year:

    Rich, warm colors throughout your home

    Rich jewel tones mixed with cool neutrals was a popular trend last year. In 2018 however, it’s all about creating a warmer vibe for your home. Warm grays, reds, and earthy tones such as tobacco, camel, rust, burnt ocher, and brown-blacks used throughout your spaces is a fantastic way to create a sophisticated look.

    White or stainless steel sinks are out

    Related to creating a warmer vibe for your home is the addition of rugged and grittier textures for accents. Many interior designers this year are relying on stone, copper, concrete, and granite composite sinks to add darker tones of black, bronze, and gray to complete the look.

    Vintage-style lighting fixtures

    The use of vintage lighting fixtures as a unique focal point for the kitchen or living room is surging in popularity this year, which is quite fitting as some of the newest vintage lighting designs are some of the best in recent years. Mid-century modern lamps, aged copper pendant lights, and retro-inspired floor lamps are a superb addition to any space if you’re looking for balanced presence and elegance that commands attention.

    Concrete accents

    2018 is the year we break away from granite and marble as accents and pave the way for concrete. While already a popular option when it comes to materials, designers are now looking to use concrete for more than just floors and counter-tops, and applying it as wall coverings, furniture, and decorative accessories.

    Floral patterns

    Floral accents are making a bold and fashionable comeback this year. If you’d like to spice up your spaces with floral accents, one of the popular trends is to use over-sized blooms and high-contrast shades such as teal and gold or black and white.

    Bursts of color in kitchens

    While white will always be a staple in kitchen design, the latest trend is to throw some color into the mix such as other neutrals like blue and grey. To infuse a bit of warmth into a cool palette, many designers are now using warm wood tones like mahogany in place of typical painted cabinets.

    Artisan fixtures

    Implementing artisan fixtures are a great way to add personality to any home. It seems more and more designers this year are looking to local artists and small businesses for fixtures, especially for lighting. The use of artisan fixtures also adds natural elements to any space, which is great if you’d like to get a little break from today’s tech-centric world.

    Bucket sinks

    In line with other vintage design trends is the use of bucket sinks, also known as trough sinks. These pans add a farmhouse-inspired feel, which is perfect if you’d like to inject some personality and a little bit of nostalgia to your bathroom or kitchen.

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