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7 Houston Fun Facts to Share at Your Next Dinner Party

Whether you are new to Houston or you have lived in the area your entire life, you might not realize all the fascinating things that Houston has to offer. These fun facts are guaranteed to entertain your friends and wow your dinner guests.

Fun Fact #1: Houston is home to the world’s tallest pentagonal building.

The JPMorgan Chase Tower in downtown Houston reaches a height of 1,002 feet, claiming the title of the world’s tallest 5 sided building. However, the JPMorgan Chase Tower’s sides are not all the same length, meaning that it is the world’s tallest pentagonal building but not the world’s tallest regular pentagonal building. The title of tallest regular pentagonal building goes to the Baltimore World Trade Center, which lies along the Maryland’s Inner Harbor at a height of 405 feet.

Fun Fact #2: Houston is the 4th most populous city in the United States.

The city of Houston has the 4th largest population in the United States, ranked behind New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. Just over 2.3 million people call the city of Houston their home.

Fun Fact #3: Houston has the 2nd largest theater district in the United States.

Houston’s Theater District spans a 17 block area that includes a total of 8 performing arts centers. At capacity, this Theater District can seat over 12,000 people at once. This is larger than any other Theater District in the United States, with the sole exception of New York City.

Fun Fact #4: There are 92 consular offices in Houston.

An incredible 92 countries have a consular office in this city. This the third highest concentration of consulates in the United States, which is unsurprising when you consider the incredible diversity that the city of Houston has to offer.

Fun Fact #5: Houston hosts the world’s largest livestock show.

The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is the largest in the world. The rodeo runs for 2 weeks in March. During this time, it attracts over 2 million attendees each year. While the livestock and agricultural exhibits are quite impressive, visitors to the rodeo can see more than just farm life. Houston residents wait all year to hear the concert lineup and make plans to attend with their family and friends.

Fun Fact #6: Houston also has the world’s largest medical center.

Houston’s Texas Medical Center is the largest in the world, treating nearly 5 million patients each year. The medical center employs over 50,000 Houston residents, boosting the area’s economy and encouraging growth in other sectors as well as in the medical field.

Fun Fact #7: Houston residents eat out more than anyone else in the United States.

Houston’s ethnic diversity has given rise to thousands of unique restaurants. In fact, Houston residents can take advantage of over 12,000 restaurants without even leaving town. Given this information, it is unsurprising that Houston residents choose to eat out more often than the residents of any other city in the United States.

Discover all of these things and more when you come and spend some time in Houston.