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Home Sellers Guide

Putting your home on the market? It is easier than you think. All you need is a great agent and the following guidelines.

  1. Draw a calendar

Create a realistic timeframe. You will have to block off your schedule and perhaps take time off work to meet with the agent, potential buyers and go over paperwork. Produce a timeline that gives you a clear idea of what you should accomplish at certain points in the process.

  1. Go over your finances

Look at your existing mortgage and determine the outstanding amount, if any. You also have to see how much money you can set aside for the sale. Though the goal of selling your home is to make a profit, you will have to spend a bit as well. Expenses may include home improvements, inspections and relocation costs.

  1. Work with the right agent

Your home is not just any piece of property – it is a beloved asset, so pick someone with a great track record. The agent’s average list-to-sales price ratio and the average number of days his properties stay on the market are good indicators of how an agent performs. If you are selling your home in the Houston area, choose a local expert like Hunter Real Estate Group. Feel free to call 713-572-0824 or email

  1. Assess the value of your home

Factors that affect the value of your home include location, the price of recently sold homes in the area and the present state of the housing market. The number of buyers, as well as inventory, will also come into play. Most agents offer a free comparative market analysis.

  1. Price your home

It can be easy to overprice your home given your emotional attachment to it, but it pays to be objective. The factors mentioned above as well as data provided by your agent on active and stale listings should help you decide.

  1. Make home improvements

Dress your home to impress. Keep it neat, clean and make a few touch-ups to make it look its best for buyers. You can spend a little extra for upgrades, but be judicious. You may also consider staging your home, which simply means hiring a professional to create a warm, inviting and décor-neutral environment that allows prospective buyers to imagine themselves living in your home.

  1. Market it

A comprehensive but targeted marketing strategy can help your home sell quickly. The majority of buyers search for homes online, so hire a photographer and use high quality photographs that play up your home’s best features. You can also use a combination of online and traditional marketing, especially if you are targeting an older demographic.

  1. Compare offers

The agent will show you all offers and you can decide to reject, accept or counteroffer any of them. Get ready to negotiate and compromise, not just on the price of the property but on related matters as well.

  1. Go into escrow

In Texas, escrow is usually handled by a title company, which functions as the neutral third party to which funds (earnest money) and valuable papers (loan documents, deed) are held in trust until such time that the final steps of the selling process is complete. This is the time in which inspections are made, disclosures on the condition of the property are done and a title report that clears the property of all liens is obtained.

  1. See through the closing

By the end of process, the title company will transfer the title of the property to the buyer and have the funds transferred to you. This could take anywhere from a few hours to several days. In any case, congratulations! You have successfully sold your house.

If you’re thinking of selling your home in the Houston area, feel free to call 713-572-0824 or email