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8 things your landlord needs to do before you move in

8 things your landlord needs to do before you move in

Welcoming a new tenant the right way is a good sign that your landlord is committed to establishing a positive, lasting business relationship with you. Before you sign any lease agreements, make sure that your landlord addresses these eight important steps:

Replace the door locks

This should be standard practice for any rental property that has been previously owned or occupied. Make sure that your landlord updates all the locks on the doors to protect your safety and security.

Give the unit a deep clean

Nothing says “move-in ready” better than a pristine, thoroughly cleaned home. This means not a speck of dust on the shelves and counters, not a smudge on the bathroom tiles, and especially no foul or suspicious odors from any part of the property.

Take care of all necessary repairs

Scrubbing the house or rental unit from top to bottom is not enough to guarantee that the property is in its ideal, most livable condition. A thorough inspection of the property and its included amenities should be done to identify and address any damage or wear-and-tear that may cause future problems.

Check that all appliances and heating, electrical, and plumbing systems are in perfect working order

Your landlord should take care of any repair or replacement needs prior to your move. From replacing worn or defective appliances, to fixing faulty wiring and leaky plumbing systems, everything should be in working order before the landlord hands over the keys.

Make sure the unit is up to all necessary health and safety codes

Check that your landlord is aware of and fully complies with all health and safety codes established by your local community or city government. Ask about safety standards like smoke detectors and fire alarms, and clearances for health hazards such as mold and lead.

Answers and solutions to specific concerns or requests

During your property shopping, offer, and negotiation phases, your landlord should be able to entertain requests or conditions that will enhance your experience as the soon-to-be occupant of the property – provided that these fall within the building or community’s established rules.

Requests like specific paint schemes and installing additional appliances should be completed before you move in, so you do not have to worry about your peace and privacy being bothered when you least expect it.

Provide a move-in letter

A responsible landlord will hand you a move-in letter that puts house rules, details from the lease agreement, and other pertinent information in writing.

A detailed move-in letter should include:

  • Contact details for essential resources and services around your community, such as hospitals and emergency response teams
  • Instructions on how to use included appliances and amenities
  • House rules and regulations governing the local community
  • Instructions and details on how to pay rent
  • Procedures and requirements for terminating the lease contract

Exchange contact information

In addition to having access to local services and vendors, you should also have direct and convenient means to contact your landlord. An open line of communication with your landlord, whether for simple questions or more important concerns, is an important resource, especially if you are moving into a new and unfamiliar location.

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