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The best things to do and places to go in Houston, TX


There’s more to a vacation in Houston than the amazing restaurants and wonderful weather. The city is alive with activity and exciting places that people of every taste and persuasion will enjoy. Just take a look at the list below and see if these items don’t catch your interest.

See the Lazy River

This manmade body of water flows in a perfect outline of Texas. It’s an awesome place to relax and get some sun, but it does come with a catch. Access to Lazy River is restricted to those staying at the Marriott Marquis or those who receive select treatments at Pure Spa. Still, if you’re in the neighborhood, why not?

Hit the local breweries

Houston has a beloved foodie culture which naturally includes alcoholic beverages. If you’ve got a taste for beer and want to sample the best drinks Texas has to offer, you can have quite the time visiting Houston’s many breweries. Special mention goes to Saint Arnold, the oldest brewery in Texas, and 8th Wonder Brewery, which has its own food truck on grounds.

Drop by the National Museum of Funeral History

What, a funeral museum doesn’t sound like fun? Clearly, you’re not a history buff. If you are, you’d be thrilled to learn the history of embalming or to see funeral programs for some of the most famous people who have ever lived (and died).

Attend a performance by the Houston Ballet

Odds are that when you think of cultural centers for ballet, Texas doesn’t exactly spring to mind. But Houston has a wonderfully diverse art scene, including its renowned professional ballet company, which happens to be the fourth largest in the US.

Catch a show at MATCH

If you’re looking to enjoy some performance art with an independent bent, the stages at Midtown Arts and Theater Center Houston (MATCH) could very well scratch your itch. Over 500 groups have used the Match’s four performance spaces – from magic shows and community recitals to the annual Fringe Festival featuring performance art and poetry, contemporary dance, and a rock opera, among others.

Bet on turtles

No, really – turtle racing is a thing and it’s awesome. Head to Little Woodrow’s Midtown on Thursday nights in the summer and see all the not-so-fast action yourself.

Behold the Orange Show

There are several folk-art museums throughout Houston, but most of them focus on some part of American or Mexican culture. The Orange Show is not one of those. Originally built by a postman, apparently, in tribute to his love of the orange, the sprawling campus looks more like a DIY circus, complete with structures made with found objects. Words don’t do it justice.

Visit the Beer Can House

John Milkovisch loved beer so much that he couldn’t part with the cans. Instead, he used them as decoration for his home, fence, and even trees. Outsider art or dedicated recycling? You decide.

Peek into the Hermann Park Train Tunnel

It’s not the train that’s great, it’s the bizarre mural by artist Trenton Doyle Hancock that draws visitors every year. The massive psychedelic cartoons are a testament to just how wild Houston can be.

Stay gutsy at the Museum of Health and Medical Science

If you’re looking for a museum that’s both educational and enjoyable, the Museum of Health and Medical Science has you covered. Walk-in replicas of organs, a giant beating heart, and 28-inch intestines are just the tip of the iceberg here.

As you can see, there’s no shortage of things to do or see in Houston. Get to planning your vacation and don’t skimp on the itinerary! If you’d like to explore your housing options in Houston, get in touch with the seasoned agents of Hunter Real Estate Group. Call (713) 572-0824 today or send an email to trace(at)hunterrealestategroup(dotted)com.