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Tips for a seamless, stress-free home buying or selling experience

Buying and selling a home requires much time and effort on the part of both buyers and sellers. If you’re not careful with your moves, you may end up extending the process or worse, seeing an attractive deal go down in flames.

For a seamless buying or selling experience, here are a few guides to follow:

Buying a home

    • Know what you want

Make sure you are clear on the features you need and want for your next home. List down your must-have features (number of bedrooms and bathrooms, amount of storage, ventilation, etc.) and features that you want but can live without (presence of balcony or swimming pool) in separate sheets. You also need to see if the community suits your career and lifestyle needs. How are the schools in the area? What about the neighbors? And how long would it take to go to and from work?

Doing this allows you to concentrate more on homes for sale that do fit your requirements and lessen the time spent window-shopping for them.

    • Get pre-approved for a mortgage loan

Check on the extent of your loan qualification before buying a house. Make sure that you are eligible for financing from the get-go by getting pre-approved by a mortgage lender. A mortgage pre-approval boosts the seller’s confidence in you and increases your chances of landing the home you’re batting for.

    • Hire a real estate agent

Hiring a real estate agent—someone who knows the market well—can take a huge load off your shoulders. Even when you’re an experienced property buyer, it still helps to have someone who knows the inner workings of the local real estate environment. Let an agent help you towards sealing a deal without much hassle, stress, and work.

Selling a home

    • Be mindful of why you’re selling

Whatever your reason is for selling, be clear and conscious about it. Is it to relocate to a bigger or smaller house? To take advantage of its appreciation in value? Or maybe your neighborhood no longer suits your needs. Knowing your personal whys allows you to focus on your goal and to shut out potentially money-wasting distractions.

    • Remember to price it right

Assess the current real estate market to help you figure out a price point that will attract potential buyers. You may want to review some of the houses in your area that were sold within the recent weeks and those that stayed in the market for too long. Making comparisons and studying what worked and what did not can help you arrive at a good price for your property. Talk to a real estate agent if you must. Pricing your house right is a critical step that could spell a quick sale at the best terms or listing limbo.

    • Be flexible

It’s easy to get caught up in the pressure of selling your house, especially if it lingers in the market. Don’t be rushed into selling, but remain open to negotiations. And be sure to weigh the pros and cons of each buyer’s offer carefully.

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