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Top 12 first-rate coffee shops in Houston, TX

Barista pouring hot boiled water from teapot to coffee dripper, coffee brewing

When you live in a city the size of Houston, even if you have been there a long time, there are so many options when you want something in particular like a pizza, good steak or a fantastic cup of coffee.

With that in mind we put together a little list to help you find the 12 best coffee shops around:

  1. Tout Suite
    In addition to their more-than-adequate java selection, the shop also has a fantastic baked goods and breakfast menu. You’ll want to linger because of the Wi-Fi and the natural light streaming through 12-foot windows.
    2001 Commerce Street
  2. Catalina Coffee
    The gem of this coffee house is the selection of fresh pastries supplied by a local area bakery. They also offer a wide variety of seasonal and limited teas.
    2201 Washington Avenue
  3. Siphon Coffee
    This coffee house brews its joe using a centuries-old technique that utilizes halogen siphons. The distinct flavor of the coffee and the shop’s inviting atmosphere have attracted plenty of regulars.
    701 West Alabama Street
  4. Boomtown
    Boomtown boasts a menu filled with craft coffees and special lattes. They know the value of small batch brewing to bring out all of the unique hints and whispers of flavors within the different varieties.
    242 West 19th Street
  5. Agora
    In Greek, agora means a “place of gathering” and it’s apt for this place. The regular clientele gives this coffee shop a feeling of community.
    1712 Westheimer Road
  6. Cavo
    The second location of Cavo opened just last year but it is rapidly becoming one of Houston’s favorite spots. A nice bar area and friendly atmosphere make it easy to lose an entire day in a place like this.
    2617 Bissonnet Street
  7. Blacksmith
    Housed in a historic building, Blacksmith has a rabidly loyal clientele that come for the amazing steak and eggs, the eclectic in-house playlist, the cool vibe, and the coffees, of course.
    1018 Westheimer Road
  8. The Doshi House
    This is another one of those places with a real kindred spirit feel amongst its customers. Doshi House is a regular haunt for artistic locals such as painters, writers, musicians and actors. It has a strong neighborhood presence as well.
    3419 Dowling Street
  9. Morningstar
    To go with their robust menu of quality coffees, Morningstar also provides homemade custom and unique doughnuts. They also have one of the best brunches in Houston.
    4721 North Main Street Ste. M
  10. Cafeza
    This is an amazingly easygoing coffee bar. It’s very easy to get comfortable and
    stay awhile. They offer traditional javas and espressos. But they also have a large
    variety of Latin-influenced coffees and pastries you really should try.
    1720 Houston Avenue
  11. Fellini Caffe
    This Italian-themed coffee house offers serious old-world charm with a modern feel. You can get cannolis and other Italian pastries, along with several specialty espressos and mochas.
    5211 Kelvin Drive
  12. Antidote Coffee
    This wonderful café has a selection as diverse as its clientele. One of the biggest
    selling points is the outdoor seating area for days when the weather is perfect.
    729 Studewood Street

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