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Benefits of Staging your Home

Want to sell your home for top dollar? Home staging is something you might want to consider.

In the National Association of Realtors’ Profile of Home Staging in 2017, 39% of seller’s agents agreed that home staging significantly shortens the length of time spent by a home on the market. The report also shows 77% of buyer’s agents who believed staging a home is a great way to make potential buyers “visualize the property as a future home.”

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Here are some of the other benefits you can get when you stage a home:

    Better offers

    Home staging isn’t all about cosmetic upgrades. The process also involves minor repairs – a strategy to prevent some buyers from making a low-ball offer, in case they claim additional work may be necessary to improve the home.

    Well-planned repairs and upgrades give a home additional value, which increases its price. In addition, a staged home can generate increased buyer interest, which brings more offers to the table. It’s common for sellers of staged homes to find themselves right in the middle of a bidding war between multiple potential buyers.

    Exceptional marketing

    A proper staging job can make any home look like a featured property in any home design magazine. When a property is staged perfectly, it’s easier to capture amazing photographs – a primary tool when marketing a home online. Since more than 90% of today’s home buyers start their search online, captivating photos will pique their interest and encourage them to head out and see thehome in person.

    Create a move-in ready home

    Most buyers are in the market for a home that does not require too much work before they can move in. They typically do not have the time to gut and renovate, as they want to enjoy living in the home instantaneously.

    A recent poll conducted by Maritz Research reveals that 63% of buyers have no problem with spending more just for a move-in ready home. With that in mind, home staging is a great solution if you want to get your home ready for its new owner.

    Advantage over neighborhood competitors

    Staging your home is an excellent way to give it an advantage over other available homes in your neighborhood, including new construction. It can help make a home unique, especially if there are identical homes on the market around the area.

    Think about it – if there were two similar homes for sale at the same price in your area, but one was staged to highlight the potential lifestyle a buyer could enjoy, and another one looked unimpressive and poorly maintained, which one would buyers choose?

    Flexible for any budget

    In case hiring a professional home stager is out of your budget, you can also go the DIY route by staging the home yourself. You can find plenty of tips, articles, and instructional videos about staging your home just by doing a quick Internet search. There are also home stagers who offer reduced fees if they only use existing furniture within the home, which is another option you can consider if you’re working with a tight budget.

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