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Renovations that don’t always increase the value of your home

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Renovating your home is a great way to increase its value especially during a resale. However, some renovations won’t always give you your money’s worth. Before you give your home an upgrade, make sure you stay away from these renovations that won’t increase the value of your home:

Swimming pool

Pools may seem like an appealing upgrade for your home, especially with the Texas heat. However, this is not quite true. Many buyers shy away from buying homes with swimming pools because of extensive maintenance and safety issues. Families with very young children may turn down the perfect house just because of the pool. In some cases, the sale of the home relies solely on the seller taking the pool down.

Solar panels

Having solar panels installed just before putting up your home for sale may attract buyers who are into green technology. However, these won’t do anything for the home’s value. There are also instances when you won’t be able to sell your home without paying off the financing for the solar panels at closing. It’s better to install solar panels early on so you can get your investment back via the savings on your electric bill.

Utility upgrades

It is very unlikely that you’ll see any returns from upgrading your HVAC system, installing copper plumbing, replacing electrical wiring, and other invisible improvements specifically for the resale. These invisible improvements are very costly projects that will make your home a better place to live but won’t be noticed by anyone else.

These types of upgrades are considered maintenance and are typically expected by the homebuyers. It’s better to focus on smaller maintenance projects to make sure the systems already in place are in working order.

Complex landscaping

Landscaping choices are a matter of personal preference and taste. A beautiful yard could entice potential buyers into viewing your home but it won’t do anything else. A cascading waterfall, koi pond, or other attractive garden accessories in your yard do not translate to a higher value for your home.

A majority of buyers are not willing to put in the effort of maintaining a complex garden. When they see a home with elaborate and extensive landscaping, they quickly identify it as a burden.

Decorating changes

Giving your home a design overhaul to go with the latest trends is not a good idea. Fashion is in constant flux and what could be in-style today can be outdated tomorrow.

Just like landscaping, your home’s interior design will be subject to varying tastes and preferences so it’s better to stick to classics. Opt for stylish yet subtle design improvements that can easily be changed to fit any style.

High-end upgrades

Having top-of-the-line appliances and materials won’t really do much for your home’s value. Most potential homebuyers would want to give the home their own upgrades to cater to their lifestyle. Also, high-end upgrades can only increase your home’s resale price if these upgrades are consistent within the entire home, not just in one area. For example, a home with a ramped-up entertainment center as an added feature may just be converted by the next homeowner into a generic living space.

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