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Local Holidays in Houston, Texas

To help you plan your downtime or block off dates to attend some of Houston’s biggest events, here’s a list of holidays and major activities lined up the remainder of the year. July Freedom Over Texas Festival | July 4. 2016 ...

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The Best Day Trip Ideas Less Than 50 Miles From Houston

If the stresses of the city are doing you in, a quick day trip out of Houston could calm you down.  Here are a few relaxing destinations less than an hour away from the city. Conroe This water lover's paradise is just 45 miles nor...

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Enjoying Houston’s Best

Houston is full of things to do, see, eat, experience, and, above all, discover. Hidden throughout this great, sprawling city are artsy pockets, historic gems, and a wealth of diverse communities, some of which are unbeknownst even to local...

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June weekend events in Houston

A city as vibrant and populous as Houston won't run out of things to offer residents and visitors, especially on weekends. So update your June calendar for fun, engaging weekends you won’t soon forget: 1st weekend of June Sat, June 4 ...

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