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First-Time Buyers Guide: 4 Things To Know Before Even Phoning a Real Estate Agent

Finding the right real estate agent can be an incredibly important step towards buying or selling a home, but there are several things that you need to do before you even think about picking up the phone to call a real estate agent. First time ...

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A Look at the Top-Rated Schools in the Houston Inner Loop Area

In many major metropolitan areas, families will have to relocate to the suburbs in order to get their kids a top notch education. However, this is not the case in Houston. Many of the area’s top rated schools are located in the heart of the c...

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First-Time Sellers Guide: A Step by Step Look on the Process of Selling Houston Real Estate

When you are selling a home, you are probably focused on two things: selling the home quickly and selling it for a good price. Fortunately, there are steps that you as a seller can take to help ensure that both of these things happen. St...

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7 Houston Fun Facts to Share at Your Next Dinner Party

Whether you are new to Houston or you have lived in the area your entire life, you might not realize all the fascinating things that Houston has to offer. These fun facts are guaranteed to entertain your friends and wow your dinner guests. ...

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Day Trips on a Budget: 5 Things You Can Do With Your Children Around Houston

Keeping the kids busy and entertained on a budget is an ongoing challenge for many families. Fortunately, Houston has many affordable options for kid friendly activities and day trips that you can take without breaking the bank. Day Tri...

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Moving Guide: 5 Tips for Relocating When You Have Children

Moving to a new home, whether it is across town or in a brand new state, can be a tough transition for everyone in your family. Keeping these tips in mind prior to and during the move can help to make the transition as smooth as possible for ev...

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Types of Mortgages

Buyers can choose from among a number of mortgages, each with a set of conditions that can make home ownership a reality. Below are some of the options. Choose one that’s most applicable to you and closest to your situation. According t...

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How Photos Affect Your Real Estate Listing

There are lots of surefire ways you can make your property stand out in an otherwise crowded listing.   You can create marketing strategies that highlight the best of the property, fancy design edits, catchy phrases and hooks, etc. One...

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loan approval basic

The Basics of Loan Pre-aApproval

A loan pre-approval is one of the best things to have before applying for a loan.  Experts always recommend this  prudent first step  no matter what type of loan one applies for. What's a loan pre-approval?  Getting preapproved for a l...

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tips for moving to Houston Texas

Tips for relocating to Houston

Just because you're done selling or buying your home doesn't mean you're out of the woods. There's one more thing you have to do:  move to your new home. This usually means transporting around 7,000 pounds, or almost four tons of personal ...

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