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Tummy pleasers: Houston’s 10 hottest restaurants

“Texas” and “barbecue” are two words often mentioned in the same breath. But if you think grilled meat is the only thing the Lone Star State is good for, Houston is ready to prove you wrong. Here are ten of Houston's hottest restaura...

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The pros and cons of buying a home in a townhouse community

Townhouses are trending as the most popular purchase-worthy properties recently today. But before you join many others who have decided to settle in a townhouse community, it is wise to weigh in on the attractive and not-so-attractive reasons...

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Tips for a seamless, stress-free home buying or selling experience

Buying and selling a home requires much time and effort on the part of both buyers and sellers. If you’re not careful with your moves, you may end up extending the process or worse, seeing an attractive deal go down in flames. For a seamle...

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The best things to do and places to go in Houston, TX

There's more to a vacation in Houston than the amazing restaurants and wonderful weather. The city is alive with activity and exciting places that people of every taste and persuasion will enjoy. Just take a look at the list below and see if ...

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couple signing deal

The basics of apartment leases

When you sign a lease as part of an apartment rental, you're entering into a long-term agreement with your landlord about the rules you will follow as a tenant. You may be inclined to simply sign it so you can get on with the moving process b...

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Guide to choosing the right real estate agent

Most of us don't have the knowledge, time, or patience to buy and sell real estate on our own. Real estate agents help simplify the process by taking on many of the complex duties involved in real estate deals. But how do you pick the right ...

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Barista pouring hot boiled water from teapot to coffee dripper, coffee brewing

Top 12 first-rate coffee shops in Houston, TX

When you live in a city the size of Houston, even if you have been there a long time, there are so many options when you want something in particular like a pizza, good steak or a fantastic cup of coffee. With that in mind we put together a ...

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Real Estate sign showing land is for sale in a new subdivision.

Guiding principles for selecting a lot for your custom home

Deciding where you want to build your dream home might seem like an easy task, but in reality, there are many things that you need to consider. Something that may not even cross your mind right now could become a major irritant down the road....

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Real estate lease agreements explained

Sometimes official documents like legal papers or government forms can be intimidating and hard to understand. Many people experience anxiety after they sign important contracts or agreements because they’re unsure if they missed the fine p...

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Young couple choosing the right color for their wall while renovating apartment.

Choosing the right paint color for your home

Selecting the right color of paint for your home’s interiors is an integral part of any home design project. In most cases, the color you use anchors the rest of the aesthetic choices you make. Choosing the ideal shade however, isn’t...

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